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We're Dedicated to Our Partner Dentists

Cutting corners is not an option. At C&J, we're focused on your bottom line and the outcome for your patient. From inception, we have upheld our mission to provide better service and unwavering quality that larger, outsourced labs cannot match.

Our Services

We apply a stringent standard of workmanship, material soundness, and hygiene to every case we manufacture. Each case is given the highest amount of professional care, intense labor, and good old TLC. Since 1983, our skilled technicians have worked to craft the most dependable, best-fitting, and life-like dental restorations for your customer.

Crown & Bridge

In many cases, your teeth suffer from more severe damage that a simple filling can’t fix. We offer Crown and Bridgework to help you restore your teeth to their original form and function.

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Dentures & Partials

Dentures and partials should be comfortable, easy to wear, and aesthetically pleasing. C & J Dental Lab’s denture and partial designs will help you chew better, feel satisfied with your appearance, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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CAD/CAM & Milling Center

Our experience, proprietary equipment, and successful restorations make us your best choice for all aspects of CAD/CAM dentistry.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants are a breakthrough technology that replaces missing teeth without suction cups and adhesives that can be uncomfortable, inconvenient, messy, and embarrassing. These state-of-the-art oral devices supersede old-fashioned false teeth with their secure, permanent fit.

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Digital Impressions

Digital impressions are the way of the future. Getting them from us is painless, quick, and with no errors. 

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What Sets Us Apart

Made in the USA

Every case that leaves our lab is produced by certified technicians using only FDA-approved materials, the purest metals, and the most up-to-date practices.

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What Sets Us Apart

Digital & Traditional

We've got you covered. Our technicians provide the best results using both traditional impressions and digital scans. Our lab accepts scans from most platforms and uses the most up-to-date software.

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What Sets Us Apart

We're Fast

Practice makes perfect. We've dialed in a 7-day in-lab workflow that is optimal for dentists who want to fulfill their cases quickly.

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What Sets Us Apart

Backed by the Best

Our lab is a trusted partner of the AmericaSmiles Lab Network, which gives us the resources, capacity, and turnaround of a large-scale operation. When combined with our attention to detail and craftsmen's mindset, it makes us the ideal partner for dentists who want no compromises.

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